Newspaper History   

Since October 11, 1884, The Signal-Enterprise has been deposited in mailboxes in Alma and the surrounding communities.

  Welch & Sage, editors, published the first issue of The Alma Enterprise, August 11, 1884.  It consisted of four full pages, eight columns wide and, of course, all hand set.  It was a remarkable paper.  W.C Welch sold his interest to O.W. Little on October 16, 1891, and the name Sage and Little appeared on the masthead until it was purchased by Carey E. Carroll.   On August 1, 1943 it consolidated with The Alma Signal.

  The Alma Signal was first published by Matt Thompson on September 7, 1889.  He later sold it to Chester & Carroll on October 18, 1901.  It changed hands several times during the years, but Carey E. Carroll had an interest in the paper throughout the years and published the consolidated paper at the time of his death on March 10, 1948.

  Following Mr. Carroll’s death, his son, Edwin Carroll, took over.  In 1951, Edwin’s nephew, Robert Stuewe, went to work for him.  Robert Stuewe purchased the newspaper in 1961 and ran it until 1990.

  On April 1, 1990, Ervan and Pam Stuewe purchased The Signal-Enterprise.  On July 1, 1998 Ervan and Pam purchased The Flint Hills Independent newspaper in Eskridge, Kansas.  They combined the two newspapers making a countywide publication, The Wabaunsee County Signal-Enterprise.  The newspaper office is located at 323 Missouri Street, Alma, Kansas.